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        Qingdao Botian Chemical Co., Ltd belongsto Qingdao Tida International Trade Co., Ltd,founded in 2003,.After eighteen years of technological and scientific innovation and production line management, we have became the leading company of Titanium Dioxide products, PVC Paste Resin products production and international sales company.

        Main business including chloride processTitanium Dioxide,Titanium Oxychloride,Titanium Tetrachloride, High Titanium Slag, PVC Paste Resin,Caustic Sodaetc. With a professional, tight, young technology R&D team, making the product has a high precision and purity of scientific evidence and quality guarantee.

        As the exclusive agent of CITIC factory for Bangladesh、India、Pakistan、Morocco、Algeria market,and the authority agent of Doguide factory for Africa、Europe、Afghanistan market,we have the ability and confidence to supply the best quality TIO2 products with competitive price.And we also have goods cooperation with Dongfang, Pangang, Billion, Bluestar etcmain TIO2 factories of Chinafor many years. For all these reasons, we can surely satisfy our customers by offering various products.

        For the Paste PVC Resin we are the agent of the Formosa and other more than 10 main famous PVC factories of China. As one of the biggest suppliers, our have spirit with responsible attitude to customers and get the best support to our customer.

        Botian& Tidain the past twelve years development science and technology .Always stick to the ideal of scientific benefit mankind, with exalted scientific attitude to the leading product innovation and research and development; Botian in the past twelve years of market development, adhere to the market demand, to work in front of our industy attitude and strict grasp market demand trend, be committed to develop diversified international market. talent firmly believe that honesty is well-being rich, credibility of natural upsurges, become industry leaders.

        In the next years, Botian & Tidawill continue moving steadily and firmly. Maintenance with the domestic large state-owned enterprises and Southeast Asia, North America and European countries the business relationship, At the same time we sincerely welcome and look forward to your arrival --Botian’s new partner.

        Respected science, the benefit of mankind, cooperation and innovation, sustainable win-win.

        Contact Us

        Address: Room 101, Building 13, Hengda Yulan International, No. 702, Shanhe Road, Qingdao, Shandong, China
        Tel: 86-532-55578891
        Mobile: +86-15222313993

        About Us

        Qingdao Botian Chemical Co.,Ltd.

        Our main business including chloride process titanium dioxide, sulphate process titanium dioxide, titanium tetrachloride