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        Factors for downstream industries to choose titanium dioxide applications(D)

        Author:admin Time:2021-06-10

        8. Volatile matter

        The volatile matter of titanium dioxide is actually the water content. Because of the high energy and hydroxyl on its surface, its surface always has to absorb a certain amount of water to reduce its surface energy. The amount of absorbed water is related to the surface organic treatment of titanium dioxide and the humidity and temperature of the surrounding environment. The level of volatile content of titanium dioxide cannot determine the quality of the product, and it depends on its application system. In general, the level of volatile content of water-based systems has little effect on the application, but for oily systems and polyolefin systems, the lower the volatile content, the better, because high volatile content will affect its dispersion performance and product in the system quality.

        9. Dispersibility

        Dispersibility is also called grinding dispersibility or grinding wettability. When used in water as a medium, it is called water dispersibility, and when used in solvents and other coating systems, it is called oil dispersibility. Dispersibility index is an important application index of titanium dioxide. The dispersibility not only affects the decoloring power, hiding power, oil absorption and other indicators of the titanium dioxide pigment, but also affects the gloss and weather resistance of the coating film or profile molding. When grinding and dispersing in a paint production plant, the dispersibility directly affects the length of the grinding and dispersing time, which is one of the important economic indicators in the production of paint. If the grinding time is too long, it will increase equipment pollution and make the product white difference. In the production of plastic masterbatches or profiles, the dispersibility directly affects the replacement cycle of the head screen and the performance of the final product.

        Contact Us

        Address: Room 101, Building 13, Hengda Yulan International, No. 702, Shanhe Road, Qingdao, Shandong, China
        Tel: 86-532-55578891
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